Auto Assign Tasks.

No need for emails back and forth for little items.

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Create task templates or individual tasks

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Assign individually, by position, by department, and more.

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Monitor active, pending, and completed tasks.

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"We would've never thought it was possible to onboard a new team member in 2.5 hours. Flow proved us wrong!"​

Adrian Romero

President at FEC

Save time with task templates

Create Task Templates for those redundant tasks for new employees, or recurring required items for existing employees.
Automate your micro and macro team tasks.

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Assign tasks based on rules

You can assign tasks based on employee's position, location, department, employment type, and much more.

Task Dashboard

Your one-stop-shop to view active, pending, and delinquent tasks and send reminders to your team. Everyone needs a nudge or kudos once in a while. :)

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Take back your time with Flow

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Flow optimizes every stage of the employee journey.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Flow is helping businesses of all sizes automate and streamline repetitive tasks so they can focus on what matters. Read more about how we've helped our customers succeed in our use case library.

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