Our Guiding Principles at Flow

Our values at Flow and how they guide us forward.

We are a team of passionate individuals whose goal is to improve the lives of healthcare professionals and their patients through the use of technology. Flow uses a simple set of core values to drive not only our business strategy, but also our individual actions.

How We Live

Be Inclusive

We value authenticity, individuality, and diversity. We welcome all ages, genders, ethnicities, sizes, abilities, and thoughts.

Be Passionate

We appreciate those chasing their passions even when the road is less traveled or may not have a destination in sight. Passion is our true energy that excites and powers us each day.

Be Curious

We value individual experience over formal education when seeking candidates, and those drawn to life-long learning.

Be Humble

We listen and learn from one another, and we treat others how they would want to be treated.

Be Empathetic

We care about the well-being and success of every one of our colleagues, business partners, and customers.

Be Uncomfortable

We truly believe that growth begins at the end of one’s comfort zone. We strive to learn from our past actions and reactions to create positive change in our company and our community.

Looking Forward

As Flow continues to grow, we will use these values to ensure that we build an inclusive, diverse, welcoming workplace. All are welcome – and so are you.